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When Sealants were first introduced 40 years ago, they were hailed as a great new miracle treatment to prevent decay. Sealants are a thin, flowable plastic resin that is bonded into the pits and grooves of our back teeth to prevent bacteria from getting stuck and starting decay there. In many teeth, they are long lasting and seem to prevent decay, but in some teeth the sealant either does not last very long, or at some point decay is found under the sealant! It wasn’t until the introduction of scanning devices that help to diagnose beginning decay (such as the Spectra- see the Technology section), that I discovered the majority of newly erupted molars had spots in the pits and grooves that had not closed up in development, which is where decay starts. So, now Dr. Bloss scans the tooth with the Spectra to assure that the tooth does not have any of these hidden spots before sealing a tooth.

If there are developmental unclosed spots, I do a Preventive Resin Restoration. It’s a very small filling in a pit or groove that removes the decay bacteria, and then Dr. Bloss seals the rest of the intact pits and grooves in the tooth. Quick and simple, it pre-empts the decay from ever really getting started in the first place.