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Biologic & Holistic

Dr. Bloss is one of a new breed of dentists that are concerned with the bio-compatibility and toxicity of all dental materials and products used in the mouth. She recognizes the impact of toxic materials on dental and whole-body health.

What does the term “Biologic Dentistry” mean? Biologic Dentistry recognizes the impact of dental materials and procedures on both dental and physiological health, and aims to choose the most bio-compatible and least toxic materials available.

Dr. Bloss pays careful attention to choose the finest quality materials that are most chemically stable in the oral environment and most bio-compatible.

For those with multiple chemical sensitivities, the Clifford test is available.  The Clifford test is a blood test that determines your personal bio-compatibility to over 1,000 different dental materials by detecting antibodies to specific materials (by brand name) or components of materials. The results are reported as [S] (suitable) or [NS] (not suitable.)

What does “Holistic Dentistry” mean? Holistic Dentistry looks at the health of the mouth in its relationship to the whole body. In essence, holistic dentistry is more comprehensive and complete than the modern standard for dentistry. The holistic dentist aims to use techniques, materials, methods, and processes that are both safe and compatible with the mouth and the body. Holistic dentists invest a tremendous amount of time to educate themselves, their staff, and their patients about the critical mouth-body connection. Ultimately, the holistic dentist also becomes an integral part of the patient’s overall health and wellness team.

Dr. Bloss is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). The IAOMT is an organization of dentists, physicians, and researchers, devoted to scientific research, education, and promotion of Biological and Holistic Dentistry. See the website at: iaomt.org: There are two great 5 to 8 minute videos on mercury in dental fillings and brain neuron degeneration.

In her practice, Dr. Bloss chooses and uses the most bio-compatible materials and procedures that are available. We do not use mercury fillings. Instead, we use composite resin, gold, or porcelain. If a patient has significant allergies, sensitivities, or other concerns, the Clifford test, a simple bio-compatibility test, can be done to determine the best possible dental materials for that patient.

For questions about Biologic and Holistic dentistry, please feel free to call our office today at 970-249-2077.  One of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.