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Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing

In modern healthcare, manufactured materials are commonly used to restore, repair, or maintain structure or function in the body. These bio-materials are found in many and diverse applications ranging from dental materials to surgical implants and joint replacements.

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing is a blood test that screens for personal biocompatibility to over 1,000 different dental materials by detecting antibodies to specific materials (by brand name) or components of materials. The results are reported as [S] (suitable) or [NS] (not suitable) and give the dentist information to help choose materials that are most biocompatible for that patient.

Not all patients are in need of this specific type of information on dental materials, but for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, the Clifford test is available. You can get the test kit from our office, which you will take to a licensed healthcare professional to draw your blood and ship it to Clifford labs overnight. The report is generally received by the dentist in one week. The dentist can use it to select dental materials for that patient, such as which filling materials, gold alloys, ceramics, or dental cements are most suitable. (By the way, Clifford Labs also do a biocompatibility test for joint replacements, which can give orthopedic surgeons a guide for the most suitable brands of prosthetic joints!)