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Comprehensive Oral Exam

A Comprehensive Oral Exam lays the foundation for excellent dental care. It is much more than just looking for cavities in the teeth! It is an extensive evaluation and recording of all conditions inside and around the mouth.

The Comprehensive Oral Exam is the starting point for all patients that are new to the practice. It is also for “established patients” every 3-5 years, or if there is a dramatic change in a patient’s oral or medical health.

The COMPREHENSIVE ORAL EXAM involves the following:

  • Review and discussion of Medical and Dental History, and their relevance to current dental conditions
  • Review of any Medications the patient is taking
  • Blood Pressure check for designated patients
  • Necessary Cavity-Detecting X-Ray Images and Radiographic Analysis (interpretation of the x-ray images)
  • Head, Neck, and Oral Cancer Screening Exam involving:
    1. Visual  exam and palpation of lymph nodes in the neck and jaw area looking for pain, tenderness, and flexibility of the nodes.
    2. Inspection and palpation of the thyroid cartilage
    3. Screening for TMJ issues
    4.  Visual and digital examination of the lips (inside and out), lining of the mouth including hard and soft palate, cheeks, ridges, floor of the mouth, throat, gum tissue, and tongue
  • Periodontal screening which involves sampling depth of pockets, mobility of teeth, bleeding, swelling, recession, and presence of calculus
  • Evaluation and Notation of How the teeth fit and work together.” Patients call this their “bite,” dentists call this your “occlusion”
  • Review and Inspection of the condition of Existing Dentistry
  • Evaluation of Tooth Structure for cracking, excessive wear, fracture, gumline ditching
  • Complete cavity check tooth by tooth, which is recorded in a detailed tooth chart showing conditions of the teeth and mouth, decay, leakage, missing teeth, existing dental work, and planned dental work.
  • Video Recording of Tooth conditions, taken with our Intraoral Camera. This video camera is about the size of a pen and allows us to inspect your teeth with magnification for the presence of cavities, defects in tooth structure, microcracks, faulty fillings and crowns, and to show you what we see!
  • Evaluation and Discussion of possible Cosmetic Enhancements for your smile that could be done
  • Development of your Master Treatment Plan, prioritized to incorporate your immediate, intermediate, and long-term dental needs.  We address the most urgent treatment first and include ‘future-vision’ planning to help you keep your teeth healthy for the rest of your life. This plan depends on your input and will be covered with you.
  • Referral to specialists for specific treatment needed

The mouth is really a window into the body. Many medical conditions may be discovered by a Comprehensive Dental Exam before symptoms become evident elsewhere in the body. Some examples are:

  • Diabetes
  • Systemic disorders, such as Leukemia or Lymphoma
  • Sinus infection or problems
  • High Blood Pressure, we have detected high blood pressure in patients with no symptoms, and referred them to their physicians