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Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Dental X-Ray panoramicA Panoramic Radiograph (called, in dental lingo, a “Pano”) is done as a standard of care in many dental offices. It is a wide x-ray view of the lower face: the upper and lower jaws, the roots and tops of the teeth, the bone, the sinuses, and the jaw joints.

We’ve come a long way since the US Army pioneered panoramic X-ray views to speed up the process of assessing the oral health of soldiers quickly. The development of digital panoramic technology greatly advanced the usefulness and decreased the amount of radiation exposure to the patient. Digital is faster, avoids harsh chemicals, can be digitally manipulated for more information, and can be emailed to consulting doctors and insurance companies.

  1. Detecting presence of bone or gum diseases
  2. Viewing impacted (hidden) wisdom teeth
  3. Detecting Temporomandibular Joint (jaw joint) damage or malformation
  4. Viewing the development and position of the permanent teeth forming under the bone
  5. Viewing fractures of the teeth or jaws in trauma patients or when it is difficult to open the mouth
  6. Discovering tumors or cysts forming in the jaws
  7. Surveying the maxillary sinuses
  8. Evaluation for full or partial dentures, dental implants, or orthodontics
  9. Ability to get X-ray views of individuals who have difficulty holding X-ray sensors in their mouth
  10. Comparison of successive panoramic views over time reveals changes that are occurring
  11. A Panoramic X-ray can be emailed to specialists for easy communication.