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Tact-Air Mercury Vapor Ionizer

The Tact-Air Tact-Air Mercury Vapor Ionizer and Tact-Air 10-8 is part of Dr. Bloss’ Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol. A Tact-Air is installed in each of the dental operatories where the amalgam removal procedure is performed.

The Tact-Air is a high-voltage electrostatic precipitator, which condenses mercury vapor and pulls ultrafine amalgam particles out of the air and onto a charged plate. Tact-Air has done on-site testing with a Jerome 411 meter (Arizona Instrument Corp), which showed that a typical dental operatory without a Mercury Vapor Ionizer has mercury vapor levels that far exceed the Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines. This high mercury vapor level lasts as long as 30 minutes after the amalgam removal procedure, during which time it is inhaled by all those who are present in or near the dental operatory. There is also an ambient increased level of mercury vapor in the entire dental office.

With the Tact-Air in use, the Jerome meter showed normal room readings within 2 minutes of cessation of drilling! The common breathing space in the dental operatory and also adjacent rooms and hallways are subject to significantly reduced levels of contamination, a huge benefit to both patients and staff!