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What Our Patients Say

Here are some of the glowing reviews we’ve received from our wonderful patients!

I have a small mouth, so it is difficult to reach my two back molars. Sedation was great! It allowed me to have 2 crowns replaced at one appointment, something I never would have considered normally. The minor inconvenience of having to have a re-evaluation and another person to drive me home was well worth the end result. Easy for me, easier for the staff, as I am not a very good patient.
– Cindy M.

Many thanks for the lovely floral arrangement that you sent me. What a surprise!
Actually Barbara and I should be sending you flowers as a thank you for your expertise in providing us with top-rate dental care. As lucky members of the “Luckiest Generation” (born 1929-1945), life has been and continues to be very generous to us.
– Jack R., Retired, Montrose

I am writing to you to express my thoughts and feelings about sedation dentistry. It was wonderful! Since I have a phobia of needles, just the thought of walking into a dental office was traumatic for me.

Taking the first pill, I had a really good night’s sleep the night before my appointment and what little anxiety I had in the morning was soon alleviated when I took the second pill an hour before my appointment.

Since I am sensitive to medications, the only thing I remember after that is walking into your office. I vaguely remember coming home and a few times during the procedures I was aware for a brief period of time and then I went back to sleep. I am glad I trusted you and your assistants to take good care of me.

A few days after my appointment, my husband was explaining about what happened when I walked into your office that morning. He said that Virginia came out to the lobby with a wheelchair and took me back. I was shocked because I don’t even remember that and I don’t remember riding in the wheelchair to my van when I was finished. We all had a good laugh!

Thank you for offering this great assistance to those of us who need additional help to take care of our dental health. I am grateful for your expertise, the kindness of all your staff, the understanding they show in respectful ways to people with challenges. I highly recommend sedation dentistry to anyone. And if I need extra dental work in the future, I will be sure to consider doing it under sedation dentistry again.
– Arlyn M., Montrose

They did an amazing job of relieving my dental anxiety. The sedation dentistry worked wonders. Even getting a crown fixed with only numbing was an easy experience. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Bloss.
– Kristian H., Telluride

I liked my appointment with Jill, the hygienist, so much today I decided to schedule one for next week. Thanks for the great service and positive cheerful attitude the entire team has. It makes the thought of a dental appointment a lot easier to handle.
– Steven M., Montrose

It’s like being with family in a friendly atmosphere. I feel important. Total trust and confidence, I am always treated warmly, like I belong.
– Jerry R., Retired, Montrose

I have been so happy with my smile now that Christy, with Virginia and the staff, have done their excellent work! And they continue to take care of me, and my smile, ever since. We appreciate it very much and thank them!
– Carol R., Montrose Colorado

Dr. Christy is an incredibly wonderful dentist. In the many years as her patient who needed root canals, bridges, and implants, she has restored my teeth so that I can enjoy health, foods, and smile!
– Heidi, School Administrator, Ouray, Colorado

I met Christy first because of an angry molar. I was anxious, in pain, and not exactly thrilled to visit her office. The entire staff at Bloss Dentistry thoroughly changed my mind. I whole-heartedly refer anyone who needs dental attention to Dr. Bloss. The customer service that the staff provides excels ANY customer service that I’ve ever experienced…. And it’s not an accident. Christy’s personal commitment to excellence is evident in every nook, cranny, and conversation in her office.
– Steve L., Montrose, Colorado

What a gift to find a dentist that is so knowledgeable and so dedicated!
– Jennifer M (Teacher) – Twin Falls, Idaho

Dentistry at Dr. Bloss’ is a remarkable difference from what I recall with having fillings in the past! It used to be once the drilling was down in the tooth, I got cold, shooting pains. I prepared myself, and it just didn’t happen!
– George H. – Montrose, Colorado

Dr. Bloss and staff are very accommodating and friendly. My needs have always been met to the highest standards. Going to the dentist is a good experience!
Sheila B. – Montrose, Colorado

Dr. Bloss has done a full mouth rehabilitation with 5 implants and crowns. I have been pain-free and the work has been superb.
– Tim T. – Delta, Colorado

My husband and I have been coming to Dr. Bloss since 2000 and we both have had nothing but good things to say! The folks here are so kind and truly interested in your good health and well-being. We are always greeted with a smile, which is so nice when you go to the dentist. We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Bloss and her staff as our doctor and friends.
– Sandy W. – Montrose, Colorado