Safe Mercury Removal

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Most people don’t realize that the “silver” in so-called “silver fillings” refers more to the color than what they’re made of. The main component is actually mercury, which is used to blend a mixture of silver, tin, and other metals into an amalgam that gets packed into decayed or damaged teeth.

Mercury, however, is one of the most toxic naturally occurring elements on Earth, especially damaging to the brain. It’s most harmful when inhaled – as it is constantly by people who have amalgam fillings in their mouths.

For mercury doesn’t stay locked in the filling through its lifespan. Mercury vapor is released with every bite, every change in pressure or temperature, as shown in the video below:

Because mercury is so highly toxic, we take extra precautions when amalgam fillings need to be replaced or when patients ask that we replace their amalgams with biocompatible restorations. The patient’s safety – as well as that of ourselves and our planet – is paramount. ( The dental industry is one of the biggest sources of environmental mercury pollution! )

Dr. Bloss is SMART-certified by the IAOMT for the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings. Here’s what the SMART protocol involves:

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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

Once your amalgams are safely removed, Dr. Bloss will restore the affected teeth with biocompatible fillings, inlays, onlays, or crowns.

If you have chronic health problems that your dental conditions may be contributing to, we strongly advise that you have a serum biocompatibility test done beforehand. It’s the best way to ensure that we don’t simply replace one toxin with something you may be sensitive or reactive to.

Additionally, a formal, full detox program under a doctor’s guidance may be required to help your body release and excrete the mercury that has built up over the years. If you don’t have a naturopath or integrative physician you work with regularly, we can provide a referral.

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